SILTEK Interior Top Latex

Latex Interior Paint





Densitybase A, 1.54 kg/l, base C, 1.34 kg/l
Nonvolatile contentbase A, 59%, base C, 51%
Paint consumption in case of single-layer coating7 – 10 m²/l,
paint consumption depends on the roughness and porosity of the substrate, as well as on the application method and painting conditions
Lusterdeeply matte, according to DSTU EN 13300:2012
Maximum particle size of filler (grain size)max 30 µm, fine-grained, according to DSTU EN 13300:2012
Resistance to wet abrasion / chemical resistancewet abrasion resistance class 3 according to DSTU EN 13300:2012/ withstands more than 5 000 wash cycles with the use of nonabrasive household detergents and light chemical cleaners (ethyl alcohol, white spirit)
Drying time *1 to 2 hours
Base / colorbase A, can be used as white paint or tinted
base C, (colorless) can be used after tinting only

* При нормальных условиях – температура +20°С, относительная влажность воздуха 60%. 

При выполнении работ в условиях, отличающихся от нормальных, значения показателей могут отклоняться от указанных в таблице.


primary and repair painting interior walls and ceilings in dry areas with moderate operational load: bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, office, school, commercial premises, etc.


aqueous polymer latex dispersion, fillers, pigments, functional additives.

Surface preparation (according to DSTU-N B А.3.1-23:2013, DBN V.2.6-22-2001):

substrate prepared for painting should be dry, strong enough, with homogeneous and low water absorption, and free of dust, dirt, soot, grease, and any other substances that reduce adhesion;

mechanically remove any mold, microorganisms and other biological formations to a depth of lesion, rinse the substrate with water, dry and prime with antiseptic primer Siltek Biostop E-112;

repair the substrate, if necessary, following work techniques and instructions on the use of SiltekTM dry mixes;

it is recommended to use acrylic plaster Siltek Acryl Finish for the finish leveling;

sand the strong glossy surfaces removing surface gloss and remove any dust;

to ensure better adhesion of paint to the substrate it is recommended to use Siltek TM primers according to their intended purpose;

for primary painting:

- treat the sand-cement or cement-lime surfaces of undetermined strength with Siltek Profi E-110 strengthening primer;

- treat the brick, durable sand-cement and concrete surfaces, as well as plaster surfaces with Siltek Universal E-100 primer;

for re-painting or repair painting:

- remove peel-apart or crumbling coatings;

- treat the nondurable surfaces with Siltek Profi E-110 strengthening primer;

- treat the surfaces with inhomogeneous water absorption with Siltek Universal E-100 primer;

leave prime coated surfaces for at least 4 hours before applying paint.

newly applied acrylic putty Siltek Acryl Finish requires no additional priming, painting is possible one day after its application.

Application process:

mix thoroughly the paint before application;

• apply paint using a roller, brush or paint spray gun in one or two layers;

when applying the first layer (primer) add water to the paint in the amount of up to 10% of its volume and mix thoroughly;

when applying the second layer or for single-layer painting add water to the paint in the amount of up to 5% of its volume, if necessary, and mix thoroughly;

the second layer should be applied after 1 to 2 hours depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment;

paint the ceilings evenly, with no blank spaces, and in the opposite direction of the window only;

make the breaks or complete painting when reaching the points where surfaces (corners) are joining together;

wash tools thoroughly upon completion or stoppage of work;

containers and paint residues should be disposed of as required by  DSanPiN


plastic bucket 4,5 L, 9 L. Paint volume in the package may vary depending on storage conditions.


guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from manufacturing date indicated on the package. Store in a tightly closed container in a dry ventilated area at a temperature of +5 °C to +30ºC. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heaters, and freezing during transportation and storage.


perform work at ambient temperature between + 5°C and +30°C;

to preserve color uniformity when painting it is recommended to mix the tinted paint from different batches;

to prevent discoloration it is recommended to perform intensive cleaning of the painted surface no earlier than 28 days after application.


protect your eyes and skin when working. In case of contact with eyes rinse with clean water and seek medical advice, if necessary.

Manufacturer Warranty:

the manufacturer guarantees conformance of Siltek М-1 Masonry Mix to stated specifications only subject to compliance with masonry technique, as well as compliance with the rules of transportation and storage;

the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the use of material for the purposes and under conditions not covered by these instructions. These instructions are for information purposes only and do not substitute professional training of the worker. When using material under conditions not stated in this technical specifications, it is necessary to conduct independently additional tests or consult the manufacturer.