Decorative Plaster MOSAIC






Density 1.7 kg/l
Nonvolatile content76 %
Толщина сухой пленкикласс Е5, более 400 мкм, согласно ДСТУ EN 1062-1: 2012
1.2 to 1.6 mm
3.3 kg/m2
Maximum particle size of filler (grain size)S4, >1500 µm, according to DSTU EN 1062-1:2012
Drying time *24 hours
ColorColors according to catalog "Decorative plasters Mosaic"

* Under normal conditions – temperature +20°С, relative air humidity 60%.

In the case of working under conditions other than normal the values may deviate from those given in the table.

primary and repair finishing of facades, plinths, concrete fences, fence elements. It is recommended for making a protective finishing layer in the facade heat-insulation system. Can be used for decorative finishing of walls in rooms with normal and high humidity.

acrylic dispersion, graded colored fillers, modifying additives.

Surface preparation (according to DSTU-N B А.3.1-23:2013, DBN V.2.6-22-2001):
the surface prepared for applying plaster must be dry, strong, clean, homogeneous by water absorption and smooth, without sags (plane difference should not exceed 2 mm per 2 running meters);
mechanically remove any mold, microorganisms and other biological formations to a depth of lesion, rinse the substrate with water, dry and prime with antiseptic primer Siltek Bistop E-112;
repair the substrate, if necessary, following work techniques and instructions on the use of Siltek TM dry mixes;
remove minor irregularities and sags with a spatula and sand with emery cloth;
to ensure better adhesion of decorative plaster to the surface it is recommended to use Siltek TM prime coatings according to their intended purpose:
- treat the sand-cement or cement-lime surfaces of undetermined strength with Siltek Profi E-110 primer;
- before applying the plaster it is required to treat the surface with Siltek Contact E-105 primer tinted to match the plaster color;
leave prime coated surfaces for at least 4 hours before applying plaster.

Application process: 
before application mix the plaster thoroughly using a slow-speed mixer for 1 to 2 minutes;
apply the plaster on the surface in a continuous even layer with a thickness of 1 to 2.0 mm (depending on the maximum grain size indicated on the label) using stainless steel putty knife, then float the newly applied mixture using the same tool until smooth surface with grain pattern is reached. Float the surface in one direction in order to prevent possible color separation;
work must be performed from corner to corner of the building or room, or on the boundaries of relief items of walling. In case of work stoppage (technological break, end of shift) apply a masking tape along the work ending line, which then shall be removed with remnants of mortar mix after its application and giving a texture. After the break continue working from the place, where work was finished;
wash tools thoroughly upon completion or stoppage of work;
containers and plaster residues should be disposed of as required by DSanPiN

plastic bucket, net weight 25 kg.

guaranteed shelf life is 24 months from manufacturing date indicated on the package. Store in a tightly closed container in a dry ventilated area at a temperature of +5 °C to +30ºC. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, heaters, and freezing during transportation and storage.

perform work at ambient temperature between + 5°C and +30°C;
protect the newly applied plaster against rain and direct sunlight for 24 hours.

protect your eyes and skin when working. in case of contact with eyes rinse with clean water and, if necessary, seek medical advice.