SILTEK Elastic Е-5

Elastic Primer






Maximum particle size of dispersion200 nm
Drying time *6 to 12 hours
Primer consumption per 1 m2 *0.15 to 0.25 l

* Depending on the surface absorption capacity and under normal conditions – temperature +20°С, relative air humidity 60%.

In the case of working under conditions other than normal the values may deviate from those given in the table.


surface preparation and creation of the contact layer between mineral surfaces and finishing materials (self-leveling floor compounds, adhesives, plasters, etc.). Efficient in the underfloor heating systems and before finishing the surfaces of porous concrete.


aqueous polymer dispersion, modifying additives.

Surface preparation (according to DSTU-N B А.3.1-23:2013, DBN V.2.6-22-2001):

remove weak areas of the substrate, point cracks, clean the substrate from dirt, dust, efflorescence, grease, paint, etc.

clean and prime weak surface areas that cannot be removed with Siltek Profi E-110 primer;

mechanically remove any mold, microorganisms and other biological formations to a depth of lesion, rinse the substrate with water, dry and prime with antiseptic primer Siltek Biostop E-112;

repair the substrate, if necessary, following work techniques and instructions on the use of Siltek TM dry mixes.

Application process:

mix thoroughly the primer before application;

apply on the surface only with a brush, roller or spray gun in one direction, evenly and without blank spaces;

application must be performed in one or several layers depending on on the water absorption of the surface;

the next layer can be applied after the previous one has comletely dried out;

wash tools thoroughly upon completion or stoppage of work;

containers and primer residues should be disposed of as required by  DSanPiN


plastic canister 10 L.


shelf life is 12 months from manufacturing date indicated on the package. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store in a tightly closed container in a dry ventilated area at a temperature of +5 °C to +35ºC.


prevent freezing during transportation and storage of Siltek Elastic Е-5 primer;

it is recommended to perform all work at the surface and air temperature of + 5°C to +30°C and relative humidity of 55% to 65%;


keep out of the reach of children;

protect your eyes and skin when working;

in case of contact with eyes rinse with clean water and seek medical advice, if necessary. 

Manufacturer Warranty:

the manufacturer guarantees conformance of Siltek Elastic Е-5 to stated specifications subject to compliance with application technique and application in conjunction with Siltek TM material system, as well as compliance with the rules of transportation and storage;

the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for the use of material for the purposes and under conditions not covered by these instructions. These instructions are for information purposes only and do not substitute professional training of the worker. When using material under conditions not stated in this technical specifications, it is necessary to conduct independently additional tests or consult the manufacturer.