About Us

siltek_pogruzka.jpgTerminal-M is a modern, high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacture of dry and liquid building mixes marketed under Siltek trademark. The company is held by Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group, the leader of Ukraine’s construction industry.

In May 2008 Terminal-M launched production process based on Finnish technology and using equipment from Finland’s, Germany’s, Norway’s and Spain’s leading manufacturers. The enterprise’s annual production capacity is 150 thousand tons of dry and 10 thousand tons of liquid building mixes. Terminal-M supplies Ukrainian market with a broad range of dry building mortars, paints, decorative plasters and base coats – over 100 items in total.

High quality of SiltekTM products is achieved due to the production line with automated control system which guarantees precise dosing of ingredients and subsequent thorough mixing. Our laboratory equiped with modern testing equipment. The systematic testing permits us to control quality at every level of production process, to develop new formulas and to improve current recipies.

siltek_pack.jpgTerminal-M offers exclusive advantages which enjoy demand in the world’s construction industry. For today, our company is the only manufacturer of dry mortars in Ukraine producing specialized mixes for mechanized application using silo technologies.

All building mixes are produced only from high-quality raw materials from leading European and U.S. suppliers: BASF SE, Wacker Chemie AG, Momentive Specialty Chemicals B.V., Ashland Industries Europe GmbH, and also from Ukrainian producers: CRH (Podilskyi Cement PJSC), Hipsovyk PJSC and others.

Special attention is payed to the packaging, an element of crucial importance for storage and transportation of our products. All bags are made from durable airtight paper of the highest quality with rough texture, which helps substantially reduce the risk of counterfeiting. Due to individually-selected dimensions of each packaging and design of flap the chance of spillage is reduced to the minimum.

Terminal-M continuously works on development of distribution network by establishing official representative offices. Our dealers operate in 30 cities across Ukraine, and in addition, our products are sold at Epicenter-K and New Line construction hypermarkets.

All SiltekTM products are advanced new-generation building materials.