Manufacturing dry building mortars

Continuous improvement of our products, development of new recipes, engagement of competent specialists, implementation of innovative technologies and solutions allow Terminal-M to manufacture dry building mortars that fully meet today’s market demand.

For several years Siltеk has been maintaining competitive edge thanks to consistent quality, longevity and environmental friendliness of its products.

As the market for building materials expanded, the Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group management has decided to build a factory manufacturing dry building mortars. Construction of Terminal-M broke ground in October 2005 and was completed by the end of 2008, and the factory was put into operation.

3.jpgThe factory consists of production complex and laboratory responsible for research and development of new products, product tests and raw material and finished product quality control; as a result, the dry building mortar manufacturing process is fully compliant with all requirements of European quality standards.

Terminal-M laboratory continuously works on development of new recipes to expand the company’s nomenclature of building materials, regularly introducing new SiltekTM products on the construction market. SiltekTM dry building mortars are produced using only high-quality additives, adhesive elements and fillers from world-renowned and reliable manufacturers.

The factory boasts high-tech equipment from Finland’s, Germany’s, Norway’s, Spain’s and France’s leading manufacturers, which automatically controls the entire production process. SiltekTM dry building mortars are manufactured using vertical-type gravity feed, mixing and packaging technology. All raw materials are placed in special containers in the upper part of the main production tower and then fed, dosed, mixed and packaged from top to bottom. This manufacturing method not only helps rationally use production space but also substantially accelerates production process.

The know-how of the majority of the factory’s equipment is the so-called fluidization technology which uses air to give bulk materials pseudo-liquid consistency. The equipment designed and manufactured in Finland allows to accelerate movement of materials and dose all ingredients with high precision. 

Terminal-M was the first factory in Ukraine to offer professional builders a comprehensive technology for mechanization of construction and renovation work. In addition, the company has developed and began production of specialized SiltekTM mixes for mechanized application using silo technologies. 
Comparing to regular packaging (sacks), silo containers have a number of advantages: no additional outlays for unloading, storage and transportation of dry mortars between floors on a construction site are required; one hundred percent protection of building materials against adverse weather impact and unauthorized use; no spillages during construction work; building material leftovers may be returned or delivered to another construction site; no need for additional labor or financial outlays to process the packaging.

SiltеkTM silo containers can be found on many construction sites in Ukraine’s capital. These containers were used to build Kyiv’s numerous landmarks, including Olimpiiskyi National Sports Complex and Boryspil International Airport.