Про технологію

It was not that long ago when the term "repair" and "construction work" were associated with simple cement-sand mixtures mixed by hand at the construction site, and execution of all operations with the use of manual labor.  

However, as time goes by, the rising pace of construction has raised the demands for quality and speed of construction. This significantly reduced the use of simple, not modified mixes and increased the percentage of consumption of mixes with improved formulations. As of today, the consumers when choosing state-of-the-art-type building materials give preference to the quality, reliability and usability.  

Terminal-M Plant, which is part of Kovalska Industrial-Construction Group, was the first in Ukraine to offer a comprehensive construction, repair and finishing works mechanization technology for professional builders, as well as to develop and start the production of specialized mixes for machine application using silo technology. 

The idea of mechanization is not new - In the West, silo technology has been in use for over 30 years. But for Ukraine the implementation of such methods into construction has become a revolution!

Compared with the traditional sack tare, silo containers offer a number of advantages: no expenses for unloading, storage and interfloor handling of dry mix at the construction site; absolute protection of materials against rain and unauthorized use; no loss in the performance of work; the possibility of returning surplus material to supplier or transporting them to another site; no need for additional human resources and no expenses for disposal of the packaging.  

Siltek TM silo container is a 22 cu m metal tank, which is filled with dry mix directly at the plant, thus completely eliminating the likelihood of purchasing counterfeit products, and is delivered to the site by special vehicle equipped with a hydraulic lift. Silo has a footprint of just 6 sq m and can be installed at any point of the construction site. 

Dry mix from the silo is fed to the plaster station using pneumatic conveyor system equipped with automatic control unit, so equipment operation does not cause any difficulties. The distance and height of mix delivery depends on the compressor capacity, as well as the properties of specific mix used and typically are within the range of 80 to 140 m for the distance and 30 to 60 m for the height. 

The efficiency of silo technology can be additionally assessed in its interconnection with other system components. For example, connection of a continuous mixer to the silo enables mixing high-quality mortars on the basis of any mineral binders - cement, gypsum, etc. This not only improves the degree of material homogeneity, but also prevents its loss. 

Indeed, mortar mixes for construction of floors, formed in the mixer, can be fed and applied to the work surface at any time and anywhere using pneumatic conveyor system without a lift, crane or additional manpower. When using self-leveling compounds for installation of floors for various applications, including for industrial one, the mechanized technologies are especially user-friendly.  

Siltek TM self-leveling floor compounds designed for machine application have all the necessary properties: plasticity, increased mobility, extended setting time.

Siltek TM mixes for block masonry, plasters or screeds for floors are basic products used in construction with the use of silo technology. They have increased mobility and plasticity, quick hardening properties and meet all the parameters required for the efficient operation with mechanized mortar mix delivery systems.. 

The application of our factory-made products in silo containers with the precise dosage of components and special additives allows to significantly improve the quality of construction work and significantly reduce labor and material costs. 
In addition, the main and indisputable advantage of new technology has become a 5- to 6-fold increase in speed of work and substantial reduction of the delivery time for construction projects. 

Terminal-M’s experts will provide free training to the workers, who will operate this equipment. Training is provided directly at the customer's site making it possible to solve all the problems arising in the process of mastering new Siltek TM technology on the spot. 
A good few of national facilities were recently built using our silo technology, including the NSC Olympiyslyi, Boryspil Airport and others.